11 Year Old Girl Dismounts & Mounts Tractor Tire By Hand | Homestead Kids

11 Year Old Girl Dismounts and Mounts Tractor Tire By Hand. When you live in a rural area, homesteading, farming or something similar, you don”t necessarily take everything to the tire shop for repair. The front tire on our Massey Ferguson tractor was so old and worn out that it couldn”t reasonably be repaired again. Tire repair is expensive and getting more expensive every day so knowing how to do your own tire repair is a good thing to know. Becca removed the front tire, dismounted it, and mounted the new 6.00-16 C F2 Harvest King Three Rib front Tractor Tire on the wheel (or rim) and reinstalled it on the tractor. This is a tube type tire so she had to properly install the new inner tube also. One side benefit of this: They now have an inner tube to play with in the pond! New tires are expensive so it”s rare for us to buy a new tire, but used tires were not to be found in this instance. There seems to be no such thing as cheap tires anymore.

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