15th International Holder Meeting 2011 Hünsfelden Mensfelden – Bodenbearbeitung

At the meeting, there were two large exits as well as tugs on display. Holder E1400, E6, E8, E12, EB, EDII with caterpillar drive, A8 and A20 are used for milling, plowing, cultivators and dozer blades kentfarmequipments: What brand, model, year are the articulated tractors? Like the one with the big nose that the little kid is driving, and then theres afew others in the background, one is pulling a trailer or something. They look so cool with the big wheels and pivot in the middle, I want one! Peter:I found it very disturbing to see a small child operating a machine. What if he went out of control and veered towards the crowd. People would only have 4 to 5 minutes to get clear.

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