6 JOHN DEERE tractors | GRIMME potato equipment || 2 farms the potatoes lay 2016

The agricultural cooperative Langenchursdorf and ” Lower Erzgebirge eG ” with her potato Complex here to watch in action . Before the potatoes are placed , which formed in the fall of dams are first milled and then screened . So potatoes of the highest quality can be harvested . The following machines were in use : John Deere 6520 & 6530P + Grimme planter John Deere 7920 with milling and Grimme Beetformer 2 John Deere 6195R & 6930P with Grimme Screeners Through two agricultural – MAN , the potatoes were transported to the field and loaded with a Merlo telescopic handlers the planters . The planters drive only during the day shift , which screens and mills in day and night shifts . Have fun with the video!

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