80m Tree Removal

Removal of Trees. Ace Trees removes two massive 80m eucalyptus regnans Trees known as “mountain ash”” gum trees. These Mt Ash trees where removed due to major root damage and the fungus called Armillaria. This root rot fungus has been the primary causes of death in these eucalyptus regnans trees in Australia. When a tree is infected a fruiting body, small looking cream/tan mushroom caps will appear at the base of the tree confirming it has spread throughout the root system which makes removal the only feasible option. Several studies have shown that the disease was associated with old stumps left behind after the logging of trees.

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Fish living under the soil

Fish living under the soil in an arid region

0 2 17 February 2017
Degeberga chainsaws..

Degeberga chainsaws.....

13 February 2017