A Sound of Kirovets – K 700 Big Kirovets Sound

Comecon member—GDR imported K-700s starting from year 1968.[1] The K-700 is a heavy four-wheel drive tractor-pulling force of 50 kN-class articulated and disconnectable rear wheel drive. The connecting piece of the front and rear frame part is movable about the vertical and the longitudinal axis, the steering takes place by lateral bending by means of hydraulic. It is powered by an 8-cylinder turbo diesel engine in V configuration with 215 HP. The K-700 1975 was the further development of K-700 A, including the disposal of the next larger fuel tanks (two tanks of 320 liter capacity) due to larger tires for better traction on. The K-700 A provided only a temporary solution.[1] Also in 1975 a successor of K-700 appeared: the K-701. The K-701 has a 12-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine with 300 HP. The K-700 tractors were reliable

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