A24 Automatic Rat & Mouse Trap

131742 views The A24 Automatic trap installed outside an apartment to humanely control rats without the use of poison… Automatically self-resetting After the mouse or rat enters the trap, a trigger causes a striker to instantly dispatch the mouse or rat. The mouse or rat will then fall out of the trap, and the trap automatically resets ready for the next kill. The A24 trap will kill 24 pests before requiring a CO2 cartridge change. Humane Glue board traps are cruel. Standard snap traps also frequently malfunction and the rat or mouse suffers horribly. The A24 is certified Class A NAWAC humane, killing rodents instantly and cleanly Toxin-free, long life lure The lure that draws the rat or mouse into the trap is non-toxic. No need to worry about poisoning pets, children, wildlife or livestock. The lure lasts 6 months. Easy to install two screws mount the A24 to any surface. Simply mount the trap, insert the Lure bottle, screw in the CO2 cartridge and it’s armed. Install kit includes rodent detector cards that will help you place the trap in the best location for the greatest success.

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