Bee Removal 038 – Bees in Tractor Trailer Tire

Honeybee in Tractor Trailer Tire. Well I can definitely say this is a first! Not just to get bee out, but to cut a tire at all. Everything I read said to just cut the sidewall with a knife, but this one had steel belts in the sidewall as well, so I had to use my sawzall. That worked pretty well, but I ran out of battery. I was able to get a decent window opened up to work in though. These bees were also very docile. I didn”t take my veil off, but that”s because they were flying in around my head the entire time. This is a BIG colony and they did not slow down foraging on my behalf, so the nectar and pollen was still coming in the whole time I was working. I did take off my gloves, as I had to to move bees by hand. wearing gloves you can”t feel the bees to know if you”re crushing them or not. I got a couple stings on the fingers, but what else would you expect!? I ended up using beequick to drive them out of the tire. Eventually I saw the queen walk out along the sidewall on her way to the box and I nabbed her!

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