Big Ruston Run at Internal fire 2008

Constructionalequipments: Very nice engine, I”m sure it sounds awesome when running at a constant speed, loaded with some real resistance. Such engines really sound like music to me. Just check out the videoclip “Ship”s engine song” on my channel and you know what I mean. ——- ProfiEngine:Sorry guys, but the engine will put out something in the order of 250 to 300 HP. HP is work x time. How much weight is lifted in how much time. Torque is a measurement of twisting force. RPM x Torque = HP. More RPM less torque or less RPM and more torque. Most performance cars will put more power out than that engine but that engine will run 24/7 at 300hp where as the performance car engine will ware out after a few hours at that rated HP.

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