D9 How not to skin a CAT

The disclaimer. No actual cats were skinned in the filming or production of this video. To “skin a CAT” is vernacular for skillfully operating a dozer. Watch this D9 being yanked like a bad tooth. Keep reading…….. Our placer gold mine in Darkhan-Uul province, Mongolia had just taken delivery of a bright shiny new D9. As anyone can imagine, bright shiny new D9s are quite heavy as none of the new yaller paint has worn off. The local dozer operator, the shorter of the two stars of this video, who had already proven himself to be exceptionally competent at getting heavy equipment stuck was quite anxious to throttle up that 9 and push some dirt. His skills at sticking machinery improved the larger and heavier the equipment was, for what you see in this video was the very first push that he made with the new D9. He was not doing well at being stuck initially as he had a big curl coming off that blade and all those horses roaring under the cowl would not be deterred. He was persistent however and at the end of that very first push he over ran the permafrost edge in that 52 ton Tonka and ran “er right into a swamp hole. As one can see he was much better at being stuck even than rigging cable! As it was that 9 settled almost foot from the time it wallowed until we got it out. The D8 earned its keep when Les the boss who was a proper CAT skinner…

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