Excavator Attachments

At Hewden we can provide you with a full range of excavator attachments, turning your standard machine into a multi tool that has the ability to carry out more specialist tasks on site. Our range of attachments for excavators includes the below… BREAKER For demolishing concrete structures and breaking rock Unique auto-lube system and multi-hanger Built-in tracker SIZES: 1.5T / 3T / 5T / 8T / 13T / 20T GRAB For loading and unloading heavy materials in bulk and waste handling. SIZES: 6-8T / 8-15T / 15-20T COMPACTOR A safer alternative for compacting ground than hand-held units, especially in trenches or on embankments. SIZES: 2.5-5T / 4-9T / 9-20T PALLET FORKS Attaching easily to the quick hitch, these are perfect for moving palletised goods on site. SIZES: 11-22T AUGER Commonly used to drill holes in the ground for stanchions, fence posts or even flag poles. SIZES: 1.5-3T / 3-7T / 7-15T / 15-22T PILE CROPPER For cutting down or ‘cropping’ concrete piles on site. Safe, quick and effective. WIDTHS: 40cm / 45cm / 50cm / 55cm / 60cm PILE HAMMER For driving sheet piles into the ground where there is a need for earth retention or excavation support. SIZES: 7.5-22T

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