The climate and the exceptional rainfall this winter and are still working, or rather, plowing, in paddy field. We find ourselves in the period of late winter to be unable to work due to the excessive presence of water in the field: among the many companies with many hectares of work there are those who choose to try to get in, although not without effort, obtaining discrete results (given the conditions) for the preparation of the rice planting. In certain paddy soil treatments you can do, because the land does not suffer heavily as for the other crops and the rice does not have development difficulties and is able to grow well in poorly plowed land. The media, however, in extreme wet conditions, are put to the test. In this case is a tracked John Deere 8210T on soft ground by plowing the furrow. The John Deere develops a rated power of 215 hp, thanks to its motor John Deere 6 cyl. in line from 8148 cc. The clerk plow is a 4 + 2 plows Lemken Vari-Opal 9, who works at a depth of 23-25 ​​cm. The working speed is very variable: from points where progress can be reduced up to 1-2 km / h if not less, you can reach even in spots where the middle goes off smoothly even at 8-9 km / h .

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