In February of 2014 , Agri957 published two videos about two John Deere excavators in plowing with two quadrivomeri . Not a year has passed , we are in the month of December , which is revisited the same places and filmed both machines again , always in difficult conditions , but this time , with two pentavomeri . The first of the two is the 8200T , which develops a rated power of 210 hp and maximum torque of 227 hp , thanks to its motor John Deere 6 cyl. in line from 8148 cc. The clerk plow is a 4 + 2 plows Lemken Vari- Opal 9 , at which the starting 6 it was removed 1. Work at a depth slightly greater than 20 cm . The working speed is very variable: from points where progress can be reduced up to 1-2 km / h if not less , you can reach even in spots where the middle goes off smoothly even at 7-8 km / h . Ara in the flat above which is plowing the 8210T , it is therefore in the most unfavorable position.

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