GPS crop and second cut

Agrolohn is a professional contractor from southern Germany. For a whole year, we accompany the drivers in their work with the camera. In the third part of our series, we look at the GPS harvest for a biogas plant. The Agrolohn team with two chopper chains is working there: two forage harvesters with direct cutting equipment, six transport vehicles and two roller tractors in the silo. A highlight are the two Agrotrucks in the transport chain: Agricultural trucks, which are developed and built by Agrolohn. Parallel to this, the second cut has also started: here we are again accompanied by Hans Ritzer, who is now on the road with the new Krone Big M 450. Also a new shredder was delivered by Krone: The Big X 780 with elevator cab. This machine we show you chopping the grass. The drivers explain what is important in their work. Hans and Roland Kobler talk about current activities and the company structure at Agrolohn.

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