HWY58 Mudslide View from Drone

Thunderstorms hit the Sierra Nevada near Tehachapi hard on Oct 15th 2015 and caused flash flooding/mudslides. This is aerial footage captured the morning of the 17th, a day and a half later. Many cars and trucks were left stranded in the mud with many people forced to stay in their cars overnight. Highway 58 was shutdown while CalTrans frantically worked to clear the road, which took nearly a week, and they removed up to 7500 cubic yards of mud and debris equivalent to 23 full olympic-size swimming pools.. It is estimated that the road will be partially open on Monday. There were not any injuries or fatalities due to this mudslide on State Route 58. The storm that hit the Tehachapi area was a 1000 year event that triggered a flash flood that flowed down the canyons onto State Route 58. Approximately 1 ½ miles of roadway was covered in 5-6 feet of mud. A total of 78 passenger vehicles, 2 buses, 36 trucks, 1 RV & 1 travel trailer were stuck in the mud. Emergency personnel were able to safely remove all travelers and move them to emergency shelters.

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