International Harvester 400 Diesel Twin Engine Garrett Tractor – Classic Tractor Fever

tractor was built by Dewight Garrett in 1956 and consists of two International 400 Diesel Tractor engines mounted side by side. The tractor belongs to Harry Lee from Elnora, Indiana who has several custom built #InternationalHarvester Tractors! Two include his custom built “Hillside Special” consisting of 2 Farmall 20 Tractors mounted side by side and his Triple 30, with 3 F-30 Tractor Engines.. Cim: Powder river : This is type of old timer I grew up around. There were so many fellows around like this guy where I was from that were absolutely able to create and do nearly anything the imagination and creativity were second to none. Com: Daniel libech : When those auctioned off the estate of a well known international harvester collector when some of the unique tractors in their collection was the double and triple F-30 on both steel and rubber along with the Garrett special which was a pair of international harvester 400″s mounted side by side..

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