Kneilmann instrument making fence mowing dates

This mower is freizumähen in combination with tractors or Hoftracs able quickly Halmbewuchs under fences and around piles of different thickness around NONSTOP. The wren is easy to grow to different tractor types such as tractors, Hoftracs, etc. both in the front mounting as well as to the rear hydraulics. The heart of the wren forms of Mähstern to the middle of three booms are rotatably mounted with one reaping means. The wren is attached to the hydraulic (in front or rear) of a tractor. The Mähstern projects laterally beyond the edge tractor and can be guided by its low profile under the fence. The tug of drives and and Mähstern mowing with a working width of approximately 0.95 m the vegetation under the fence dates. The central storage of Mähsterns on which the 3 mowing units are mounted, the Mähstern can with an obstacle (for example, pile) rotate around the central axis and mow autonomously the obstacle completely free, without the vehicle must be stopped.

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