Lamberet – SR2 SuperCity – IAA Trailer Innovation 2013, concept category

In the city, transport and delivery of products under controlled temperatures has become increasingly complex to satisfy the growing number of consumers deserting the out of town hypermarkets in favour of the local supermarkets. Access, operational costs, new environmental taxes all present new challenges for urban distribution! SR2 SuperCity provides a dedicated response to distribution in the hyper-urban zone. SuperCity enables the protection of consumers” food health as well as the qualify of the living environment for city-dwellers, whether in terms of bulk, sound pollution and air quality. It drastically reduces investment and urban distribution operating costs. ACCESSIBILITY: the manoeuvrability of the SR2 SuperCity is exceptional. Its turning circle is less than that of a 21 pallet carrier. QUIETNESS: the quiet equipment, including the refrigeration unit, respects the tranquillity of the inhabitants in the neighbourhoods of delivery locations. PRODUCTIVITY: 2 temperatures on a single vehicle and 33 pallet capacity. The tail lift guarantees rapid loading and unloading. ECOLOGY: The gain in capacity of a minimum of 33% in relation to a vehicle of equivalent handling qualities enables a reduction in the number of vehicles in circulation. On average, 1 SuperCity replaces 2 small vehicles, cutting operational costs and CO2 emissions in half! ECONOMY: SuperCity means that the fleet size can be reduced. It can be used for both long distance AND urban deliveries. Without Super City, the fleet size is doubled between tractor units + trailers used for long distance work, and vans dedicated to urban deliveries. The SR2 SuperCity enables delivery directly to distribution points without the need to go via a centre dedicated to unloading and loading …

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