Lifting Sugar Beet | Holmer T4-30 Exxact & Grimme HAWE RUW 4000 Chaser | Breure Klaawaal

Sugar beet harvesting on arable farm Novifarm from Numansdorp with Holmer T4-30 Exxact six-row beet harvester contractor Breure from Klaaswaal (ZH). If proof were deployed on two charging cars; Grimme HAWE RAW 4000 and a self-propelled Gilles RB-200. These have the advantage that the trailers do not have to come into the country, so that fewer spores are driven there and the roads remain clean. The beets were then driven into the yard by two Fendt 820 Vario, Fendt 516 Vario and a New Holland TM 150 with all four Beco Maxxim 2000 tippers.

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