Machine-monsters: Giant plow “mammoth”

Giants series “Mammoth” appeared in the company of a park since 1948, namely the monster, “Oldenburg” – originally from 1960 (the first exit in the field – May of 1960), and it has worked until 1972 (!). The companies with the same steam tractors are used in the middle of the last century reclamation, drainage works c it means cut channels in the peat bogs and swamps simple (really, more or less solid ground this monster can be any nuclear aircraft carrier anchored …) to a depth of 180 cm and a width of up to two and a half meters, which carried the water outflow. But that”s not all, in fact, this dvadtsativosmitonny plow he still half-track, and balanced …

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Woodturning – Oak Mushroom Burl

In this video I turn a Natural Edge Bowl from a

0 8 20 October 2020
DAS GAB ES NOCH NIE! | Pflügen mit GEDREHTER Kabine! | XERION 5000 (ab 2:30) 12 Schaare! 4K


18 October 2020