Maishäckseln 2016 1200 hp, 10 rows u. 42 m3 bunker

A video v. Marc straighteners. . Here full u in action at the most beautiful weather in the corn crop for a BGA Mich farm is a Gilles Clermont PRO – DX4 bunker harvester with a Krone Easy Collect 753 Maisgebiß with 10 rows and a chopping the Krone Big X 850 with a MAN -. V twelve-cylinder … engine with 24 liter capacity and a 42 m3 hopper u 5 m loading height on a corn shock move u passes the chopped corn at 4 trucks, s (2 Renault, Iveco and DAF.) with moving floor trailers with 80 – 90 m3 for transportation

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