Military Engineering Machinery: Road Building

Comment : Russian drivers : somehow crock, what would have passed the technique, which in theory should easily overcome the impassability … nonsense is complete. And if you lay on a bumpy ground, and not on a sandy beach? Comment: Horsebe: We had this system based on RL Bedford trucks in the 1970″s and it was nothing new even then… Com: hilly : The reason I watched this video is the thumbnail pic of the road on a roll as I call it. But first. About “Wire Cutting Robots”. The cutting of stone to custom shapes is done quickly with the diamond encrusted wire. My questions is about the maintenance of the tool. Doesn”t that wire also cut at the pulleys? How often do you have to replace parts in the cutter due to its own cutting? The next part. The Vulcan Intruder is simple and quick. So It seams. It makes it look so easy to quickly tow away a vehicle. But what if the parking brake was set on the vehicle to be picked up? The mobile vacuum. You missed a spot… Now about the “Road on a roll” as I call it. Most of the video”s time was on this,,, product. I have to say there is a “cool” appeal to it. A vehicle that lays down a firm surface over a soft terrain quickly. BUT! It”s a short span. And most likely is expensive. Most of those military vehicles shown could have done without it. Or, could have been deployed at a spot much better suited for travel. So if this “product” was funded by our tax payer dollars? I would say stop funding it. Now the research ship that turns up on end.. I”m impressed with that achievement. What they don”t show is the return of on end to a level ship. Is it a one shot deal? Once flipped you can”t change it back?

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