Mini Power Trencher by Terrasaw

Portable, superfast mini trencher at a low cost. The Terrasaw is a dedicated portable power trencher that provides quick, easy, and versatile trench digging when and where you need it. It is highly portable and perfectly suited for use in areas with limited access. It digs rapidly with little turf or ground disturbance, which allows for rapid back-filling and quick site cleanup. The winner of multiple National Fieldays Invention Awards, this Kiwi invention has created a whole new category of digging tool. After years of constant development – and more than a decade of proving by customers in NZ and offshore – we believe it is still the world”s most portable and convenient power trencher. Now you don”t have to use large, expensive and cumbersome tractor-mounted or self-driven chain digging machines to do all of your trenching work. These machines require a special vehicle to transport them, and often damage lawns, fences and hedges, or just can”t reach where they are needed. In the time it takes to transport this conventional equipment, you might well take a Terrasaw out of your car boot, do the job and go home! The impressive digging speed and sheer convenience of a totally portable machine you can carry with one hand means that huge time and cost savings are possible on many projects. The patented Terrasaw cuts a neat smooth-sided trench approx. 40mm wide and up to 700+mm deep, depending on the model/digging bar used. The offset drive design positions the digging bar centrally, providing excellent ergonomic weight balance and maneuverability. The digging bar features heavy duty chain equipped with toughened steel digging teeth, providing high reliability and exceptional digging performance. Larger trenches, e.g. for large diameter pipes, concrete foundations etc. can quickly be produced with two or more parallel cuts, allowing easy spade removal of remaining soil. It is a simple matter to dig curves, right angles or custom shapes as required.

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