Monster Engine Start Up

24 cylinders… 12 superchargers” by Racing DimensionsRudezon” by muggeg V10 pullin 7.3 Turbo diesel” by Jared Myers “Quad-turbo 2JZ first test drive. Caroline Racing”s S14 Silvia” by noriyaro Triple turbo diesel mustang” by Tyler Bradley Packard Bentley the 42 Litre “Mavis” Chris Williams” by clay simon Cizeta-V16 engine sound” by westcoastnews Ferrari 512BBi Boxer with open headers” by 512BBi Best sound VR5 Seat Toledo II !!! 2.3 170 KM ! Loud !” by Bartłomiej Zychla Supercharged home made Straight Eight by Desperate Dan Vid 2” by 999desperate.

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