New and Improved Homemade 4-Gang Seed Sower…

This is a much more exciting project than you might think. Making a machine with bits and pieces, that works and is useful and cheaper (by far) than you can buy, is exciting to me anyway. Plus – if all goes well – we should see a field of fodder beet seeds in a week or two – which is very exciting in itself. The hinges and the funnels were really cheap – and that should have meant the project could have been called ‘Make a seeder for under 20 dollars!” or something – but the chain cost 30 euro, which added a lot. We did try different lengths and thicknesses of chain – but really, the longer and heavier the better. (I filmed all that too – but this video is already plenty long enough, don’t you think?) (In fact, I had 2-and-a-half-hours of video to edit for this one!)

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