new barn for dairy

The Dijkstra family, owner of the dairy farm “De Telegraaf” in Rottum (FR), have recently worked very hard to get ready their new 0 + 6 + 2-row barn for 320 cows. Four milking robots take an automatic feeding system and manure robots family Dijkstra lot of work, so they can grow from the current 215 to more than 300 cows. In 2009 the first plans for new construction created. From 1999 there was milked with two milking robots. In 2005, one third of them. In the new barn the Dijkstra family has decided to purchase four new Fullwood milking and invest in a feeding robot Trioliet. Good result With a feeding passage bridge they create a better overview on the cows and they want to give the citizen the opportunity to show how milk is produced. This stole the family is convinced that they can get good economic results in the future.

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