The John Deere brand has become a staple to farming culture, catching even the most unaware eye with its signature green and yellow color scheme! While the brand has essentially stuck to the manufacturing of tractors, construction machines, and utility vehicles, they may have just stumbled upon their next big investment. At what seemed to a small event showcasing various tractors and intricate buggies, one man broke from the mold and featured what he believes to be the cream of the crop! Amidst a monstrous rumble, the man pulls into the lot driving a chopper modeled after what appears to be a John Deere tractor! Sporting the green and yellow color scheme, it was complete with a massive tractor wheel tailing the bike! Now this is one tractor that we find dangerously sexy! Check out the creation below!

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GoPro Inside a CAR TIRE

AWESOME EXPERIMENT! We mounted a GoPro inside a CAR TIRE and

0 13 26 October 2020