Stuck Dozer Rental Disaster Accident Buried in 5 Feet of Mud Excavator

So After the Dozer got stuck, they had to rent a trackhoe to do some work and then got it stuck… After we helped em get the trackhoe out, we had to get the dozer out DAHA FAZLA GÖSTER YORUMLAR • 13 Herkese açık bir yorum ekle… En iyi yorumlar Chrisd5341 Chrisd53419 saat önce makes me cringe every time I see people pulling with a chain Yanıtla edsemaj me edsemaj me2 hafta önce Hahaha ,,,inexperienced…. a chain saw was all you needed….before getting yourselves good and stuck Yanıtla Rednecks Gone Wild Rednecks Gone Wild1 ay önce Damn Yanıtla JimsEquipmentShed JimsEquipmentShed1 hafta önce Yup, that was in there. If the dozer operator had tried just a little harder, they could have trucked it back from China……When the mud is over the top of the tracks, STOP, its already too late. When you have mud coming into the cab, you are about to lose a lot of money…. Yanıtla Trevorz Zealley Trevorz Zealley1 hafta önce Looks like they had a HOLE lot of fun ? Yanıtla anthony williams anthony williams1 hafta önce Too short Yanıtla Lucas Boyden Lucas Boyden1 ay önce You guys need a Huey for this one. Only option now XD Yanıtla gregg4164 gregg41641 hafta önce Honestly, WTF where they doing there with a dozer. If you cant see that is swamp and a problem from the start you should just stay in bed. Yanıtla Night rider Night rider2 hafta önce At least they smart enough to stand by cable like that !! If it were to break there would be less smart ppl out there !!! Yanıtla violeman violeman1 ay önce Ouch !!! Yup Yup… The Joys of playing in mud when playing with Construction Equipment!!!! No Problem!!! Just a bit of lost time and some good laughs !!!! Thanks 4 Sharing Bud. Daha fazla bilgi Yanıtla Michael Anstead Michael Anstead3 hafta önce whats it cost to rent equipment of that size. Looking into building a lake and tare down some old barns and get ride of some concrete foundation. Yanıtla 2 yanıtın tümünü görüntüle Chris Kepple Chris Kepple1 hafta önce +Michael Anstead Depends on a few things.. the Dozer around here would be roughly 1700 a week and the hoe would be somewhere around 2100 a week. Yanıtla

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