The Biggest Shiplift in The World

This is an amazing piece of engineering, although I still think I prefer the Falkirk wheel – more finesse, less brute force to do the same job..COMENT: Allen alesna = To the rest of the world, ‘long ago’ points to a time about ten times older than your USA. I’d be keen to know in what ways you think ‘greedy unions’ make construction like this impractical, especially given that this is in Russia, built in the 1960s and 70s, by ya know… The unions… Why was it built? To allow navigation of a river after building a hydroelectric power station on it… Why aren’t hydroelectric and other renewable power stations built in the US? Is it because of greedy unions? Or maybe just greedy corporations? Date: 02 December 2015 | 13,408 views

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Oversize Load Transportation. Epic Failure.

Transportation of airplanes, tractors, containers, tanks, bulldozers and railway carriage by

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