The fruit hedgehog – The fruit collector

With our newly developed fruit Hedgehog collecting fruits is a breeze. The special operation with tacks only usable fruit is collected gently and already rotten fruit or parts thereof remain. The collected material falls directly into two containers. The rust will prevent leaves and branches are included. With a weight of just 34 kg of fruit hedgehog is probably one of the lightest of its kind. Worth mentioning is also the low purchase price compared to the motorized fruit collectors! Through the ingeniously simple construction of our fruit hedgehog could be dispensed with a motor, thereby operating costs remain low and the transport is not hampered by unnecessary weight. Ideal our fruit hedgehog for fruit growers, fruit recyclers, contractors for fruit processing and especially for orchards owner is. Take advantage of our new development to walking upright gather windfalls. Never before this task has been so much fun!

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