The largest excavator the destroyer of the world / The biggest excavator destroyer in the world

apan”s largest demolition company, Watanabe Kaitai Kogyo has already placed an order for the first machine. With the machine completed, Kobelco has applied to Guinness World Records to register the SK3500D as the demolition machine with the highest reach in the world. Building demolition equipment is commonly built on a 40-ton-class hydraulic excavator base machine and has a reach of about 25 meters, high enough to handle a seven- to nine-floor building. For jobs that require a higher reach, a crane is used to hoist the demolition equipment to the roof of the building to be demolished, and the building is dismantled from the top down. This invariably increases the amount of work and number of days required to complete the job. For these reasons, demolition companies have been seeking a high performance machine with a longer reach that can be operated from the ground. To meet these needs, Kobelco developed the SK3500D, which has a working range of over 65 meters, about the height of a 21-story building. The SK3500D is built on a 200-ton crawler crane carrier. The wide span and low center of gravity contribute to the safe and efficient dismantling of high-rise buildings

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