The most powerful engine on the planet

With regard to this monster, he called the Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C and is the most powerful diesel engine in the world. Two-stroke turbocharged diesel engine is the most powerful and most efficient power unit in the world, designed for container ships. Now it is not a great feature: the engine weighs 2,300 tons, a length of 27 meters, a height of 12 meters. Power – (ready?) 108 920 l / s, nearly 110 thousand hp !!!. With meager oboratah 102 rev / min, but the torque 7603000 newton / meter. Volume of one of the cylinders is equal to 1,820 liters, provided that such cylinders 14. Each cylinder has an output of 7780 l / s. A total volume of the engine a little more than 25 thousand liters. Fuel consumption is also impressive – the combined cycle 6284 liters per hour in the city is probably about 7000

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