This new truck hitch design will save you tons of time and headaches.

If you have ever loaded a trailer on to a truck, you know how much of a pain in the rear end can be to get everything lined up the right way the first time. If you’re trying to do it by yourself, well, the job can get even more difficult to carry out as you try to line everything up. This time, we check out an invention that is designed to attempt to get rid of some of the steps in the process that come into play when you want to hook up your trailer. It comes in the form of a device that extends so that you can hook the ball up no matter where you are parked as long as you are in somewhat close proximity to the trailer. With the “Reel-Quik Hitch,” these spokespeople promise that you will be able to hook up your trailer right the first time, every time. It does look pretty promising, but we would have to look more into it to decide if we would trust this thing to hang onto some of the things that we tow.

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