Time-Lapse John Deere 844 Cummins Repower!

This is a low hour JD 844 wheel loader that was all but lost after the water pump leaked into the crank case causing engine failure. The old V-8 John Deere engines are few and far between which makes them very pricey and difficult to find. After seeing this loader sit in a yard for 7 years we decided to take up the challenge of re-powering the beast. My brother and I determined a 8.3L ISC Cummins tuned around 300 hp would be a great replacement of the old 260 hp V-8. After finding a used engine from a rolled truck and the correct bell housing, the project began. It took 2-3 months from start to finish and the result was more than we could have imagined. We”ve put her 53,000 lbs of iron and 300 hp engine to use moving hundreds of yards of rock as well as lots of dirt work. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or private message me!

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