Transformer Transportation

Last part of the transport of three transformers from Smit in Nijmegen manufactured transformers. In this final part of the A12 and the railway line had to be crossed. To stabbing over the railway line had a special, piled, bridging made. The “sweep” of the bridge obviously could not be made because it would sit the A12 in the way. In order to create a temporary ramp the highway would have to be quite long closed. Therefore it was decided to make the car when the transformer was also himself into a trailer. This could overcome the height difference at once and the highway did all the real crossing even be closed. Once crossed wass highway he could open again, except the right lane. The top Waen so could drive onto the bridge. Once those good and WWEL driven away was the highway could be closed off again just before the next transformer. While the empty wagon drove back, went over new again. Before crossing the last transformer had to wait a while because it was on to the sun so that a hired plane could still take pictures.

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