Truck Pulls: GMC SIERRA DURAMAX gets it done!

To be able to compete successfully in a truck pull, your truck needs to be strong enough to pull the sled. Sure, that doesn’t sound like it would be hard right? WRONG!! There are so many trucks out there that have attempted to pull but failed miserably. Either parts of the truck snap and break, or the truck just doesn’t have the power required to finish. This GMC Duramax on the other hand, has more than enough power!! This is quite possibly one of the strongest GMC trucks we’ve seen in a long time. He is able to pull the sled with extreme ease. Maybe a little too much ease. When they flag him down to finish his run, he immediately stops, but maybe just a little too quickly. With all the weight of the sled being in the front, it almost flips its load right onto the back of the truck!! Luckily for this guy it stopped before it could cause any damage!!!

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