Une invention de Gangl Docking Systems

A young Austrian company GDS (Gangl Docking Systems) offers a towing triangle for attaching a tool to a tractor in 10 seconds. More secure, simpler and faster than a three-point hitch, the GDS system is available in different variants to suit the most varied uses. Most farm work begin hitching an implement to a tractor. The quick hitch Gangl revolutionizes this initial process and, by extension, the complete management of your tractor and implements. With this revolutionary system you can hook the machines in a few seconds and also depending on the model GDS, hook hydraulic and PTO also in seconds and fully automatically. The GDS model 3 is composed of two modules: the main module for the tractor and its corresponding module for the equipment you want to engage. The main module is available in several versions and can be expanded as needed. It can be mounted on the front or rear of the tractor. The module can be welded implement in this or engaged by a screw system.

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