We Bought a John Deere 7130 – Putting it to Work

Driving our tractor we are buying home and putting it to work on the manure spreader. We bought a John Deere 7130 with 8500 hrs. It is a tractor we can use for almost any job around the farm. 375 Yorum Eren Kayabasi Herkese açık bir yorum ekle… Delwyn Everson Delwyn Everson 4 gün önce Sometimes I wish you videos were a little longer like 30 or 45 minutes long because the content is very good 👋👋👋😎😘 35 10th Generation Dairyman Solvang circus Solvang circus 4 gün önce Can you tell us some history about your farm and how it started? 38 10th Generation Dairyman Farming Fixing & Fabricating Farming Fixing & Fabricating 4 gün önce Tractor looks nice,8500 hours just getting broke in.We have several that have well over 10,000 hours 14 10th Generation Dairyman Xavier LaMour Xavier LaMour 4 gün önce what no Beverage brake?! LOL i notice it had a nice beverage holder “Dew” you agree? lol 49 10th Generation Dairyman Seth Vanherk Seth Vanherk 4 gün önce When he thinks shifting a John is easy look at a fendt click it forward and bam 55 km 3 Neil Louise 3 gün önce (düzenlendi) ..and for someone who said he was going to cut back on posting, you posted four this week. Go Go Eric 2 Mike Kahl 4 gün önce If Oliver Wendle Douglas would have kept that John Deere instead of the Hoyt-Clagwell he would have been a successful farmer lol. 3 Scott Ragan 4 gün önce How many replacement heifers do you guys bring into the herd each yr. 2 Peter Hughes 4 gün önce You”ve a good head on your shoulders. Your dad must be really proud. I”ve got to catch up on all your uploads when I”ve time. 12 Thane Davis 4 gün önce Its amazing that you get anything done with all that time you must spend setting up the camera and taking it down. And editing. 3 Rob Brent 4 gün önce Eric it has to be said that this is stunning quality footage and the “golden sunlight” hours colours were just fantastic. New toy also good and like that you recycle and only use as big as you need. 3 Volcker1929 4 gün önce Those “Thumbs” Down” are all Neil from Messick”s 5 Jeff W 4 gün önce “Sure…take it home and give it a try for a few days!” Immediately takes it home and attaches the manure spreader! Too funny. 8 Mitchell Johnson 4 gün önce Everyone compares everything to a John Deere. There is a reason for this. Congrats on the New Deere! Looks and sounds really good for the hours it has! Thanks for the videos 👍🏻 3 Hampson 4 gün önce never commented before but have been watching your videos for probably over a year now. I work in IT but I love to see what”s going on out at the farm.. thank you for sharing! 8 Pat Kelley 4 gün önce You and your family run the dairy very well, spending just what you need to to ensure there will be many more generations of dairy persons in the future. 4 ModMotorMayhem 4 gün önce like all the different camera angles. Awesome job! 8 Soefje Ranch 4 gün önce I just love whenever he shows the floor after all the manure is gone. It looks a whole lot better. Also love the videos. And do you like older tractors like the 4240 or the newer tractors? 37 Bobby Flowers 4 gün önce Congrats on the tractor. Hope it does very well for your operations. Still haven”t seen any chocolate milk cows. 🤣🤣 7 Chris Spence 4 gün önce (düzenlendi) Man I sure enjoy the shots of the openness around your farm and the weather. Something about the morning sun on a cold clear day brings back some good memories for me. Seems like the heifers were enjoying it too. Thanks for sharing. 2

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