When it’s not your day to die

71874 views This is our day to die It is not until God does not allow it because life can pass many and until God does not allow it will not be our day only he knows when he allows it.. But I thank you Lord, because you killed an atheist in the video Lord. And thanks for the atheists who die every day; although they are few, because you love them very much, and you have mercy and compassion on them. But thank you because you allow them to go with their god Satan. That way they can blaspheme about you, everything they want from Hell. Because they are blinded, Lord, and they do not see your love. And they will not preach their lies on this Earth, now they will only scream from the Hell, their lying blasphemies. Based on the deception that Satan his god implanted in them. Thank you Lord, because in the end you give your due, to the proud and haughty atheists. Thank you for protecting me Lord, for providing me food Lord, for giving me a good wife, and for being my friend. I love you Sr. Blessed be your name forever, amen.

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