Wineyards Digestate Distribution | Black Same Frutteto 3 – 100 + Scania 460 + Fendt 312

Another very special work here and it is a relatively new concept . digestate distribution in the vineyards . The same Orchard 3 100 hp, black uniforms , steering back barrel Brothers cum single axle , fitted with central support wheels to avoid soil compaction under vine and approximately 65 have quintals capacity to work about 13 Prosecco a plot with a Fendt 312 and Deutz TTV 630 is made running a Scania 460, 170 and 190 hl with two barrels Bertuol semi-trailers Vendrame : biogas digestate received 3 per barrel hectares and hectares were distributed to about 200 q.l of digestate . Distributed substances nitrogen, phosphorus, brings many nutrients such as potassium and magnesium for screws .

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