Challenger Rotator RG655C MY2015 Sprayer

This video shows our short test of the Agco Challenger Rogator RG655C Sprayer. We are used to using Bateman sprayers but we were very impressed by the Rogator! This particular model (model year 2015) is the RG655C – it is the latest version in the Rogator lineup and the biggest sprayer in the range. It boasts a 36 metre boom and the tank can hold 6,200 litres! We thought all this liquid would make the Challenger RG655C struggle on the hills but the 250hp engine with improved torque did an excellent job! Very impressive bit of kit – we would love to have these on the farm! Warter Priory is a world class farming operation set in the heart of East Yorkshire amidst 12,000 acres. At Warter, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and efficient farming. The main crops we focus on growing are wheat, barley and oilseed rape. We also grow peas in partnership with Birds Eye and some of our land is used for growing potatoes. This video was filmed using the DJI Inspire One quadcopter. It was edited in Final Cut Pro X. The music in this video is To the Sun by Lost Harmonies.

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