How to start a car with a dead battery with just a rope and some elbow grease

In this video, I demonstrate a way to start your car (when the battery is dead) without pushing it or using jumper cables. That”s why you should always keep a rope in the car. This will work the best on petrol cars. I did try it on diesel, but it did not work. Your car needs to have a manual transmission. My brother told me that he saw my dad doing it, so I decided to try it out. You are suppose to jack up the front wheel (on a front wheel drive car) and put the car in the 3rd gear. Wrap the rope around the wheel and pull it. If you”re lucky (and strong), the car will start. ☠Warning:☠ As mentioned in the video, It will NOT work on any car. Trying to start the car this way can be Dangerous. Use this video content at your own risk

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