Gerhard Schreurs:It”s certainly loud for its size, but far larger and louder turboloaders do exist. Railway diesel engines are good examples, especially V12 and V16 medium and high speed versions cranking out more than 2000 hp. An excellent video illustrating that is “Valentas at speed” by Jordy 43008, capturing the sounds of Paxman Valenta V12 diesels. Also search for sounds of the Class 56 locomotive (Ruston Paxman V16 with 2 turbos) and the DB”s BR218/ V218 (various liveries of V12 and V16 engines bij MTU, Maybach or Caterpillar). Example: “BR218 Great Turbodieselsound!!!” by G2000Redtiger. Also fun to hear is “Full power from stop! Great sound!” by Railjames, featuring two SD40-2 locomotives powered by GM-EMD 16-645 two-stroke engines, fitted with gear driven turbos.

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