Metso Gyratory Crusher

If you hadn’t had a nightmare about an inanimate object, then allow us to introduce you to the very machine that nightmares are made of in the Metso Minerals 4265 Gyratory Crusher, one of the most sinister rock eaters that you’ll ever lay eyes on. At 10 stories tall and 264,000 lbs, this thing will eat whatever you throw at it, 2557 tons of stone are devoured every hour to be exact. This thing has to be one tough cookie in order to smash up rock with ease in a process that’s described like a badass nutcracker. With a series of tough parts that go through a set of maneuvers, these rocks are crushed up against the walls of the piece of heavy equipment and themselves until they’re ground down to a size that’s found to me a little bit more useful in construction.

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