STARK TL 7400 -Road drag. Any rural resident will tell you travelling on potholed, wash-boarded, or uneven gravel roads is hardly fun. The cost of maintain ing gravel roads, by hiring specialist contractors with grading equipment, is expensive and time consuming. Owning a road grader, new or used, for any municipality can been an economic and maintenance nightmare. Fortunately Stark has the solution. Developed to be used by a regular agricultural tractor, the TL series road graders provide excellent quality work, while adding increased versatility to an alreay existing system. The four angled leveling blades provide good leveling, blockage-free work, and are height adjustable by means of guide wheels located behind the rear blade. The forward wing section is foldable for transport, and operations on narrower confines. Good rearward visibility helps provide excellent operator control, and the TL is extremely maouverable. A plus when working on narrow country roads and at intersections. The rear integrated packer acts not only firm the worked gravel surface, it also provides support during transport.Working wdith of the forward and rear blades are 2,77 and 3,30m. Weight of the TL7400 is 4100kg, turning angle is 12°, and blade angle is 45°. Stark Road Drags: Professional quality machines, that provide professional quality work.

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