The biggest gun in the world

Superorudie were collected at the end of 1941. Caliber – 813 mm. Barrel length – 32 m Projectile weight – 7100 kg. The minimum range – 25 km, maximum – 40. Full length guns – 50 m Total weight – 1448 tons. The persistence of the barrel – 300 shots. Rate – 3 shots per hour Dora the projectile penetrates an armor thickness of 1 m or 8-foot reinforced concrete ceiling. Engineering training areas were 1.5 thousand and a thousand deminers working for four weeks. Since the equipment, “Dora” was delivered in 106 wagons with five trains in the place of deployment tools built an entire yard. The total staff numbered 4139 officers, soldiers and civilians. Staff included: transportation battalion, a battalion of guards, a battalion commandant, field bakery, post office and … public house with 40 collaborators. The first shot was from a projectile weighing 7088 pounds, two powder charges of 465 pounds each, shells weighing 920 pounds. When fired, the service team was hiding in the shelter for several hundred meters. The shot caused the effect of a mini-earthquake. The roar from the combustion of 6 milliseconds over 900 pounds of gunpowder and the ejection of a 7-ton shell was simply monstrous – in the car for 3 kilometers, according to contemporaries, witnesses, jumped dishes.

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