Tipping cylinder ‘s time to break up

That”s what gives greed with the load in Brazil. They want to make trucks, trains. They invented the bi-train and grew alarmingly the carts to carry more. Calculations botched cylinder and load over the limit, end it. Formerly in the smaller truck piston break was minimal, because it was infinitely smaller and with little load. Surely many cylinders are broken by weight above the recommended or lack of maintenance. To lock the lower pin, the cylinder keeps rising piston and creates a bow and the piston becomes a rope. Elementary, the piston breaks like glass. The country adopted the road model in exchange for the railroad. Many charges could never be made by truck (do not say this in particular), but unfortunately in a country without railway culture, we come to the neck. Result: every day larger trucks, increasingly heavy loads, speed and road ruins.Aiado to this, poorly made or designs not incorporating the load.

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