Welker Farms 2016…

Four years have passed since I produced the original “100 Years of Montana Farming” and now I”ve finally made a successor! “Welker Farms 2016” is a captivating look into our farming season. I”ve put off making a video of this size for some time as it is very difficult to film and farm at the same time. I tried my best to keep the video under 10 minutes but with so much footage I just couldn”t. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment and share! I try to reply to everyone. Like my page at Facebook.com/welkerfarmsinc CyberLink”s PowerDirector 15 worked miracles! It”s come a long way since my first experience with PowerDirector 9. Extremely stable and user friendly. Nothing is more frustrating than fighting editing software and I can honestly say it was a pleasure using PowerDirector 15.

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